Absolute Perfect Attendance For $3 Per Month

Timecard System Brings Timekeeping Software To The Workplace!

Employers are busy and can’t watch over employees’ comings and goings. Employers expect employees to come to work on time and work their entire shift consistently. However that’s not alway the case with every employee. Timekeeping software brings order to the workplace by having a single timecard system for all employees. These videos show how easy it is to take control of the workplace by employing online timekeeping software.

Internet Timecard Video 1: Setting Up Your Employee Roster

Quick overvew of the system including how to setup your employee roster (6 minutes)

Internet Timecard Video 2: How Employees Mark Their Time

How employees log in and out of the system to mark their time for the day (2 minutes)

Internet Timecard Video 3: Running A Timecard Log Report

Correcting underlying employee log ins and outs from the In-Out Board and Timecard Log (6 minutes)

Internet Timecard Video 4: Running A Payroll Report

This video shows how to run a payroll report, make adjustments to payroll, and add sick time, vacation time, and holiday pay (8 minutes)

All Plans Include: Timecard System remotely hosted software + Timecard System training + Nightly Backups + Unlimited technical support

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