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Labor is expensive, especially in this economy. Time clock software pins down employee work hours. Stretching, fudging, and forgetting to record hours are elimiinated. Every trick is anticipated. Control labor cost with time clock software. Don’t lose hard-earned gains on unearned pay. Pay for attendance and no more. Timecard System increases performance and increases net profit dramatically. The first 30 days are free. It is ONLY $3 per month per user after that! No hidden costs. No contracts. Time records are triple backed up!

Step One: Add Your Employees to Timecard System
1. Login at internettimecard.com/timecard with your administrator password with “Information Only” selected.

2. Click User Administration

3. Click “Add New Employee to Internet Timecard”

4. Enter all your employees:

  • Set their level to user.
  • Set the time zone for each one (important).
  • The work name should be their first name with no spaces.
  • Enter their hourly pay rate, or $1 per hour for each.
  • Set lunch to OFF.
Step Two: Give Employees Their Passwords
1. Give the user/pass to each employee.

2. Tell them they must log in from now on as follows:

  • Log in to mark the start of the day.
  • Log out to go to lunch.
  • Log in to return from lunch.
  • Log out to mark the end of the day.

3. Have them set the login screen as the HOME PAGE of their web browser (important) to this page. This is where they will log in and out each day.


Note: Users can see only their Timecard records so they will catch on quickly.

Step Three: Finalize the Timecard Log Prior to Payroll
You must prepare the timecard log prior to running payroll. Prepare the timecard log by reviewing the in and out times that the system uses to calculate payroll. You only need to do this once. Everything you do stays in the system. Prepare the timecard log as follows:

1. Log in as administrator. Then click on Timecard Log

2. Set the Beginning date to the beginning of the pay period, ending to ending, employees to all and click Create Timecard Log Report.

3. For each employee, each day: make sure there is a green entry for log ins and a red entry for log outs.

4. Where entries are missing you will see a set of 3 drop down menus. Set these to the appropriate time. Then click Update Timecard log. As you update the log entries will turn green of red. Make sure every employee has all 4 log ins for every day.

5. Alternatively you can edit the day by clicking the blue Edit ball.

6. Prepare all employees / all days prior to running payroll. The system depends upon accurate time card data gonig into the payroll report.

7. When done click Update Timecard Log and Go To Payroll Report

Step Four: Run Payroll
1. Go to Weekly Payroll Report, enter the Starting and Ending dates, set details on. Click Create Weekly Payroll Report.

2. Make adjustments as necessary. Note: enter a number or zero in all calculating fields. No blanks or spaces.

3. Click Update Payroll Records with Details Off (this hides daily records).

4. Print the report and fax to payroll service.

Note: You are entitled to a 30 day free trial starting today. During the first 30 days you will receive an invoice for us for services starting 30 days from today. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY THIS INVOICE. This simply means should you wish to continue service beyond the free trial, you can.

Modern Timekeeping For The Modern World

The business world has changed. Employees are younger now and they don’t necessarily sit dutifully at their desks for eight hours straight anymore. Today’s employee is mobile. They want to freedom to set their hours as they see fit. Modern companies need to be sensitive to these changing values. Timecard System allows you to give flexibility to your employees without losing control. Run your company with old-school timekeeping applied to the new-age work force.

Perfect For Today’s Work Force

Don’t be the heavy. Just hand out passwords and let employees handle it. They’ll learn soon enough if they’re not on the job they don’t get paid. It’s exactly what you need:

  • Supervision of attendance is not required
  • Timekeeping subjectivity is eliminated
  • All worn-out tricks are exposed immediately

All Plans Include: Timecard System remotely hosted software + Timecard System training + Nightly Backups + Unlimited technical support

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