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Let Timecard Software Rein In Skyrocketing Payroll

Your employees are already creating accurate time stamps as they log in and out of their computers. Timecard software simply collects those time stamps and prepares accurate, verifiable time records. With timecard software employee pay is based on time stamps rather than what employees say. Internet Timecard is simple yet complete. It is easy to use and prepares accurate, verifiable timecard records in only minutes a week. Internet Timecard requires no downloads, installation, or maintenance.

  • Control Skyrocketing Payroll

    Employee log-ins build detailed time keeping records. Stay in control and protected in disputes.

  • No Installation Required

    Timecard System leaves your hard drive alone. There is no software to download. install, or configure.

  • Record Login IP Address

    Timecard System shows you where your employees log in from. Spot irregular activity immediately.

  • Works With The Internet

    Works perfectly with existing equipment. Clock in using any computer connected to the Internet.

  • Employee In-Out Board

    Know where whether or not employees are clocked in with the integrated in-out board.

  • Records Backed Up Daily

    Your timekeeping data is backed up every night. You can relax knowing time records are secure.

  • Free Upgrades

    Timecard System updates are always automatic and free. All you need to do is log on and use your system.

  • Save Money Immediately

    You don’t have to change how you do business. Just give out passwords and Timecard does the rest.

  • Prepare Payroll In Minutes

    Simply review the timecard log and output payroll. Accurate to-the-minute payroll only takes a few minutes.

  • Excel Payroll Download

    Export payroll data to a Excel Spreadsheet for easy import into other systems like Quickbooks.

  • No Contracts To Sign

    You don’t have to sign anything. Use Timecard System as long as you like. You can quit at any time.

  • Secure Employee Records

    Timekeeping data is always kept separate. Employees see only their records and nothing more.

Timecard System Allows You To Focus On Business

Timecard System is perfect for busy professions who don’t have the time or inclination to “check up” on their employees. We have many clients in the medical field for example. As a professional your main concern should be running your practice. You need to be absolutely focused on providing for your clients. Timecard System allows you to put 100 percent effort into doing your job by freeing you of the tedium and negativity of dealing with employee payroll. It imposes a fair, impartial, yet subtle timekeeping system on your organization.

Easy To Implement

Just assign a time card administrator or do it yourself. Call us for a 10 minute run-through and that’s it. Nothing could be easier:

  • No software to download or install
  • No computer equipment needed
  • No gurus required – you can do it yourself

No Credit Card Required. If You Like The System Simply Renew It Securely Within The Software!

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