How Attendance Tracker Fixes Attendance Problems!

Timecard System is a bulletproof attendance tracker. It’s great to know your employee attendance tracking problems are solved. With attendance problems handled you can concentrate on the thing you do best: running your business.

Step One – Give employees their usernames and passwords. Tell them to log in to start their day…

All you need to do is go into the system with your Administrator password (that we provide to you) and go to User Administration. Enter your employees. It only takes a few minutes. Give each employee a username and password. Tell them to log in to start the day, log out at lunch, log in when they return, and log out to end the day.

We have found that employees take to the system well. The first time they log in they see clearly how the system works. More importantly they see that their attendance (their weekly pay) is dependent upon their log ins. We have found that employee time keeping subjectivity drops to zero. The system records where they log in from (the IP number) so employees don’t try logging in from home (unless authorized by you) and they don’t log each other in either.

Step Two: At the end of the pay period run the Timecard Log. Correct errors…


This screen shows how easy this is! If your employees working correctly this is what you’ll see. There are four login points for each employee, each day: in morning, out lunch, in lunch, and out evening. Nothing could be easier.

The system accumulates timekeeping data during the pay period. You can check your employee attendance daily (in real time) with the In-Out board. Typically you’ll let the system run without intervention until you get ready to do payroll.

When you’re ready to do payroll, click Time Card Log. Enter the starting day and ending day of the pay period. You’ll want to review your employees’ time clock records as shown in the screen above. You can see the last employee forgot to log out for lunch on the last day of the pay period. To correct that error, set the log in and out times manually, and click Update Timecard Log. Now you’re ready to run payroll.

Step Three: Run the Payroll Report. Print it, fax it, or email it to your payroll service and you’re done!


To run payroll, click Payroll Report. Enter the starting and ending dates of the pay period. You’ll want to run the report first with Details On. This is the top report (as shown above). This is where you make any adjustments to the basic underlying time records. This is where you track Vacation Time, Sick Time, Holiday Pay, and Overtime. You can also make adjustments plus or minus on a daily basis for those little items that come up from time to time. Be sure to make a note as to why you are making an adjustment.

Once you’ve finalized everything, run the Payroll Report again – this time with Details Off. Then you get the bottom report (as shown above). This report shows just the basics. Simply print this report and fax it to your Payroll Service.

Complete, Detailed, and Accurate Time Keeping Records For Virtually No Work At All.

Save and save again. Timecard System gives you impeccable time keeping records from now on. Yes, you can run this month’s payroll. But you can also go back and run last month’s payroll records just as easily, or last year’s. All you need to do is adjust the dates. The system maintains all time keeping information in a database. If a problem arises with an employee, you have complete, accurate, accessible records to go back to. With the click of a button you can see exactly what transpired complete with any comments you added at the time.

Internet Timecard is a no-brainer. There are few systems that can save you in terms of time, money, and anxiety. It’s only $3 per employee per month and the first 30 days are free.

All Plans Include: Timecard System remotely hosted software + Timecard System training + Nightly Backups + Unlimited technical support

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